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Open calls

Call titleStart dateEnd date
Scientific Publications01.10.2021-
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar01.05.202401.11.2024

Upcoming calls

Call titleStart dateEnd date
Funds for research 202501.10.202415.02.2025
Work Life Research 202501.10.202415.02.2025
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar01.11.202401.05.2025

Archived calls

Call titleStart dateEnd date
FASDiNA Research Projects 202418.01.202402.05.2024
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar05.12.202301.05.2024
FASDiNA Policy Papers 202418.01.202415.03.2024
Work Life Research 202428.09.202315.02.2024
Funds for research 202428.09.202315.02.2024
Marine Research in the NAO 202312.09.202311.12.2023
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar28.09.202301.11.2023
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar01.12.202201.05.2023
Funds for research 202308.09.202215.02.2023
Work Life Research 202308.09.202215.02.2023
Arbeiðsmarknaður kanningar08.09.202201.11.2022
Marine Research in the NAO 202201.04.202225.08.2022
Funds for research 202201.10.202115.02.2022
Marine Research in the NAO 202101.03.202121.06.2021